Virtual Tennis Director ©
Do what you do best and outsource the rest” Peter Drucker

The Tennis Industry of America TIA, has established a goal of increasing the number of frequent players (those who play 21 or more times per year) to 10 million. This increase of over 50% from 2012 levels represents a $3.9 billion economic impact to the industry.


How are you going to capture your share of this?

Manage and market the program yourself.
Aren't there other areas where your skills and time are needed?

Let the pros and assistants manage your program.
They seem fine on court, but are they truly vested in growing your facility?

Hire a Director of Tennis.
With salary, benefits and and bonuses this is easily over $100k,

  • Create and manage club programming, including - 10 and Under Tennis, Adult and Junior Leagues,lessons, drills, clinics, tournaments, socials and special events. Cardio Tennis©, and Masters programs
  • Regional comparison pricing
  • Selling and managing permanent court time programs
  • Pro shop management/ownership
  • Platform tennis programming and facility management
  • Facility management: clay court maintenance, power washing, windscreens, seasonal opening/closing maintenance
  • Attend, report and advise at committee/board meetings
  • Email campaigns
  • Social Media
  • Management reports and meetings
  • Facility budgeting/forecasting
  • Membership satisfaction/feedback surveys
  • Capital project management
  • Grant writing and submissions
  • Community/School outreach programs
  • Member trips
  • The benefits of outsourcing of course are dependent upon the nature and situation of the organization and why we work with you to determine those areas your facility would benefit most from.

    Benefits of Virtual Tennis Director ©

    • Easily scalable for any facility
    • Allows you to choose the areas of your business to concentrate on
    • Transparent to your member/users
    • Proven to increase revenues and profits
    • Builds staff competencies and retention
    • Bundled with provides the highest level of member/user satisfaction

Managing the tennis department is not your only job, and in most cases not where you need to spend most of your time. So how do you plan to:

  • Increase participation in programs and lessons?
  • Drive new players to the game?
  • Stop the “leaking bucket” of player attrition?
  • Raise the skills and commitment levels from your tennis staff?
  • Make your facility the sought after place to play?